Sue Sylvester has a plan to get the New Directions to finally disband and how will she do that? By being the part time coach of Aural Intensity. We now get to have a look in the lives of the students of the school from Fort Wayne, Indiana. And the struggle they now face just to get past the round of Regionals so they could go to Nationals.

Welcome to the life of the students at the school by Fort Wayne, Indiana- more specifically, the kids of Aural Intensity. This takes place around the era when Sue Sylvester coached Aural Intensity, and everything else stays AU after that. Your typical Glee club life, only without the dearest New Directions kids.

Starting soon.
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Anonymous sent: You might wanna balance your charries' history lengths... people like Arielle and Teresa have long histories yet Christel's so short. Other than that, this roleplay looks fun!

Apologies in advance; there are two admins here (Harper and Aiden) and as it seems, our ability on bio lengths are sort of different. But thanks for the lovely comment <3


The other admin invading. kekekekeke. I’m more of the one that likes writing shorter ones {I’m a lazy ass at times} because I want to give the RPers more ability on it. But hope to see you join ^^ 


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